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girl-kisses on tv

The kiss that isn’t just a kiss. Kinda an interesting take on media coverage of girl-kisses over the years.

Smooches between women are no longer taboo on-screen. But are they a sign of society’s acceptance or a ratings ploy based on straight-male fantasies?

Hmmm, I wouldn’t have thought that straight-male fantasies played a part in everything... but the article goes on to say that not every thing is like the Cancun movie that just came out, or any other ploy to make guys watch girls kiss.

Since 2 of the shows I watch were mentioned, I was a bit curious to check out the site mentioned in the article, AfterEllen. They had some nice perspectives to share about the recent kisses on AMC and Buffy.

I almost feel like I should put a disclaimer... happily married, folks, just interested in the media implications on this topic smile smile smile


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Kristine... Will you marry me?


Oh Melissa, I thought you’d never ask!! wink kiss

Shoot! I missed out on Melissa and Kristine both. I guess I was too slow. wink


Girls, girls, girls. There’s no need to fight over me. wink

LMAO! You guys are a riot! smile Sorry I missed out too! wink

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