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food again!

My groceries are here, my groceries are here, hi ho the derry-oo, my groceries are here!

I napped for quite a while this morning, and then woke up and took a shower before noon. My brother called right after that, and we chatted about mothers day and Leah Marie (Sarah’s check up this week found that her cervix is already partially effaced and its very possible that she will be early and not wait until June 6!!). Then my groceries came. I guess I got a lot of stuff, I didn’t really feel like it was a ton more than normal when I was ordering, but we really have needed to order the groceries for a good 2 weeks, so its no wonder we were out of a lot of stuff!

My lymph nodes are extra tender today. Oh, and I remember in my dream last night telling people criticizing me that Zuly said its okay to admit I’m tired just because I have fibro. smile They seemed convinced that zuly’s word was gospet star

Time to read some blogs! smile


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Fibro is definitely okay to admit. A friend of mine’s sister contracted it after a car accident. I’ve heard of the hell she’s gone through, and it sounds rough. Can’t stand for a long time. Can’t sit for a long time. Can’t lie down long enough to sleep decently and can’t walk far enough to get anything done. If your symptoms are anything like hers, then you’re one tough cookie to keep on trucking (hugs). Hope you’re feeling less sore soon smile

happy eating! sounds like you guys are going to have a lot of choices for dinner tonight. flowerflowerflowerand it definitely it ok to admit that you’re tired. you do a million things every day.

Well isn’t Zuly’s word the gospel? wink

I think everyone should be more comfortable with admitting when we need to cut back and take things easy. So many people seem to think that if you’re not running around constantly, then there’s something wrong with you. We all have our own rhythms, and we should respect not only the ebb and flow in ourselves but in others as well. Most of the times, we’re harder on ourselves than anybody else would be. heartluvya

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