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angel and shopping

Last night’s Angel left me with a lot of questions. I sure hope they renew the series for next year! Until then, the scoopme review, Concession and Compromise will have to do.

I got my grocery shopping done over the course of the afternoon. But besides that, I’ve been resting and doing a few teeny things here and there.

Going back to lay on the couch and play Playstation. I’m still so tired. I wish I knew why. sad


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I’ll tell you what Seymour always tells me when I say that. "Honey, you have fibromyalgia." Seriously, things that make me especially tired are getting my period (sorryif that’s TMI)—that literally sucks the energy out of me, I don’t exercise that week at all because I can’t tolerate it; bad weather (today it’s rainy and I’m low on energy); not enough sleep and not eating right (too much sugar, usually. that doesn’t happen too often, though.)

Dude—I have 90heart ? Neat!! I’ll never catchup to M&R, though.

That’s because we yammer a lot Zuly. ;)

{{{hugs}}} to K smile

I heart you kiss

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