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today was not a good day to have been off my drugs.

E got them for me this evening, though so tomorrow has to be better, right?


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Oh dear! I really feel for you. And, yes, tomorrow will be better. If, for nothing else, you got today behind you. Take care and know I’m thinking about you.

{{{{{{{{{ sorry you had a rough day }}}}}}}}} May Tuesday be a thousand times better, and a million times healthier!

bug ::hugs::

HUGS sweetie, I’m sorry you had a rough day!! rainbow

HUGS sweetie, I’m sorry you had a rough day!! rainbow

A day without your prescriptions can really suck. I know. So I completely sympathize with you. I can also say, without hesitation, yes, tomorrow will be better. smile

You have oodles of friends girlie, and we all love you. Feel better soon.


I just wanted to let you know that I heart you! kiss

absolutely. stay postive.

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