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sex and candy roswell

One of my fav Roswell episodes was on tonight. How could you not love an episode that had tons of kissing AND great music—it had Marcy Playground’s Sex & Candy, Tara MacLean’s If I Fall, and Sarah’s Fumbling Towards Ectasy! smile I’m just such a huge fan of tv shows that really emphasis the cool music they play along with the episodes. In case you hadn’t noticed. wink


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tons of kissing? which one was it? i watched more Roswell episodes during the later seasons, because in the first season, all they did was suck face.

I never really used to pay attention to the songs on TV shows, but now I do ~ I have several friends who are into music, and they cause me to be more aware of things like that! hehe :music: I love the songs that they play during "Smallville" ~ and how cool that they tell who the music is by at the end of the show.

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