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I’ve been on the forums all morning, between MT and a bit of the MozillaZine forums now that they have returned, and even played a teeny bit on blogshares. Put away a few more music files so I can make up a new playlist (and then answer miss m'lissa ’s questions at some point!)

I’m going to take a nap or read for a while though.

For the mtforums posters...
While I’m laying down, please send me a PM and email for EVERY post you write on the MT forums, just to make sure I’m reading them.
Shesh. What do you people think, you can see that I’m on the forums, why bother making me read it THREE times ? That’s not gonna get you extra help, its just gonna make me annoyed.



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Sorry, haven’t been here for a while.

Have a great day!

Even better, have 'em post it on the MT Forums, leave you a Private message, E-mail you and then... THEN... leave you a comment on your blog. ;)

Have a good rest chickie. smile


E-mail: Eric is my one and only love mail! w00t ;) I guess I need A-mail then. laughing


you are so amazing at helping people! you are incredible. make sure to take the time out for you though. heart

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