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Brandy had a link today to a whoami program. Its a DOS program that analyzes you based on placement of images.

I bolded the things that are very close to me.

You are a conformist who likes to do the 'right thing'. Sudden changes in your day-to-day environment unsettles you, leading to insecurity if protracted. Likely to see complex issues as black or white rather than shades of grey. This is exactly me. ISTJ, baybeeee!

You are honest in your relationships with people and sometimes can be too open. This is often mis-understood by others who may wrongly assume they are 'closer' to you than they actually
are. You are, in fact, very selective about who you choose as your close friends.
I’m not sure if this is more because I’ve been hurt, or because I’m so honest that I can’t fake my disdain.

You are very materialistic. You know that it takes wealth to obtain fine things and keep them, and are prepared to sacrifice a degree of spiritual happiness to maintain a comfortable life.
Hmmm, I’m not sure. I suppose to a certain extent.

Others find you non-hostile and easy to approach. This is due mainly to the image you project of being receptive to others. This does not mean that you suffer fools or enemies gladly - merely that you give them a chance. Those who willingly wish ill against you, or mistake your receptive manner as weakness, are soon stunned by your rebuke when you find out about them.

Much of what we become is formed in the early years of our life by our parents and family. When you were young your mother was always there for you: very loving, generous, and warm. She put
her family first, before all else, and you respect her greatly. Although this has influenced you, other factors besides this alone have helped in a balanced way to form your character now.
I don’t feel like that’s me very much. While she tended to put her family first, I wasn’t first in her eyes very often.

You do/did not know your father deeply, but perceive him as an uncomplicated person. He was (or still is?) a lovable, jolly dad. He was normally there when you needed him most.
This has had a strong bearing on forming your character today. Parental traits, affecting how you like to deal with life, come from both parents - but far more from your father.
Yes, I did/do know my father well. He is complicated.

Your mother and father were often close to each other, although they may not have always demonstrated this fact.

You can be very introspective, often thinking deeply about life and it’s purpose. Your picture indicates you possess a major capacity for reflecting on a variety of subjects especially on philosophical or possibly emotional issues. You posses a strong belief in at least one specific discipline: religion, sexual equality, science, animal rights, politics etc.,

In astrology one of the most passionate star-sign types is the Scorpion. You possess many of the Scorpion traits: passionate, hot and exciting in love and sensual pursuits. In life you will pursue anything which fires your imagination for as long as it captures you. This type of dynamic obsession can overcome unbelievable odds and obstacles and enables you to achieve great things. But this same power can lead to great pain and and extensive self-damage especially in matters of the heart.

This has happened to you: your picture is showing repression of all these things - the fire is not burning as bright as it once did.

Summary of other traits and personal tastes:-

  • Decision making : Balanced - calculated or judged.

  • Day-dreams most of : Sexual fantasies.

  • Worst Nightmares of: Guilt, being hunted/chased, being watched.

  • General Outlook : Balanced - more optimistic than not.

this list is very accurate.


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