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20 questions

I felt like doing memes today! This one is from miss m'lissa, and is 20 Questions smile

  1. Who is your best online friend? I have a lot of them. See the sidebar smile
  2. Who is your oldest online friend? rina-doll - we’ve known each other since late-94 or early-95.
  3. Who is your newest online friend? Brandy is one of my newer good friends.
  4. Do you write your own HTML or use an editor? Which editor? write my own... I hand-code, but tend to use TopStyle to type it in, which does auto-complete when I’m not fast enough!
  5. Which browser do you prefer? I’ve been using Mozilla for probably the last 9 months or so. And then miss m'lissa started preaching the joys of Phoenix/Firebird, and so I’ve been using that.
  6. Whats on your computer desk, apart from the PC? Oh my goodness, a whole lot of things. Vitamins and drugs, my tablet, an array of candles, my tart burner, a tigger mug full of pens, Pepperment foot treatment, post it notes, several cards from my birthday that I haven’t put up on my board yet, an invitation to rina-doll ’s graduation, post-its, a mousepad from Lisa hanging off the edge of the monitor, a few recipe cards from the last time I typed them into theredkitchen, bobby pins, cute purple stapler. And that’s not even counting the stuff above my desk on the hutch or on the speaker shelf next to me or on the floor around my desk!! See, I live at my desk. That makes me keep everything I use on a daily basis at my fingertips.
  7. Which page is your start page? My portal: I call it Kristine’s brain for good reason ;) (Make your own!)
  8. How many email addresses do you have? A whole freakin' lot! I have one main one, and then a bunch of other ones depending on which domain I’m writing/reading from.
  9. Which version of Windows do you use? XP Pro. I like it best with the ChosenOS skin
  10. How many hours a day do you spend online? A whole freakin' lot! It depends on how much rest I get during the day, so it varies a lot from day to day. At least 6-10!
  11. If you use a graphics program, which one do you use? Photoshop 7, although I started with Paint Shop Pro many years ago, and used that happily for quite some time. I do use a lot of plugins and other small programs here and there too.
  12. How many emails do you get a day? A whole freakin' lot! I swear, I’m gonna get me a secretary to help me keep it all together!
  13. Which is your favourite website? MT forums laughing
  14. Which instant messenger do you use? Trillian Pro
  15. Which is your favourite computer game? Spider solitaire at the moment!
  16. Do you use chatrooms? If so, which is your favourite? I haven’t been in a chatroom forever.
  17. What size monitor do you have? A ViewSonic 17GS.
  18. What sort of connection do you have? Comcast Cable internet.
  19. Whats your favourite computer add-on e.g. webcam? I have new nice speakers...
  20. When did you first get online? summer of 94, I had internet at home... before that, I’d used school connections a bit.


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