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broken computers and chinese

Matthew called last night, and had downloaded a new driver for his keyboard, which caused the keyboard AND the mouse to lock up when he restarted it. He couldn’t even get into safe mode w/o both of them down. So we went over to check on it and to see if E could fix it. I wasn’t gonna go, but E tempted me with chinese food, so I went and sat and chatted w/mom and dad while him and Matthew tried to fix it. They didn’t really solve the problem, but installed Windows on the second hard drive so they could at least boot the computer up for now. Probably not a permanent fix, but it will get Matthew through the weeks homework.

So the Chinese was good. I had Hawaiian Chicken, which is so good because they sprinkle coconut on top smile And spring rolls, because they make excellent ones at the restaurant by my parents house!

Lisa did come over and vacuum and clean for a while. So everything looks a bit better, and she’s gonna come back tomorrow and do some more.

And that’s the story of my day. Pretty uneventful, and not as resting as I hoped. Tomorrow is a new day, though smile


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I wonder if he was using a PS2 keyboard or USB. I had pretty much the same problem with my Dell using a USB keyboard and mouse. After doing more research into it, it seems a lot of low level software such as BIOS, will not use a USB mouse. Sometimes the new devices are not that great when they fail...

its almost midnight, and your post is making me crave Chinese. Dangit I’m hungry now...

its almost midnight, and your post is making me crave Chinese. Dangit I’m hungry now...

I’m suddenly craving sushi like there’s no tomorrow... mmmmmm... I must convince A that it’s a good thing! ;)

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