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Return to 90210

Return to "Beverly Hills, 90210"

Among the actors making an appearance on Fox’s Beverly Hills, 90210: 10-Year High School Reunion May 11 are some you’d never imagine--specifically Shannen Doherty, who left under a dark cloud (and was blurred out of a 1996 retrospective)--and others you know wouldn’t miss the get-together, including Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Jennie Garth and Gabrielle Carteris.

Well... I’m surprised that this is happening. And I’m surprised that Tori and Ian aren’t gonna be a part of it. I do believe I’ll be watching this. Even though E will laugh at me wink
[via E! Online]


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OMG! Way cool, thanks for the heads up, I’m going to tune into this one as well!! wink

thanks for the heads up! i loved watching 90210 until the last few seasons. i’m going to blog about this, too, as to not forget. my 10-year high school reunion is this year, too. amazing, it’s been 10 years for them, too!

I too am surprised they are doing this, but I know I will watch smile Thanks for mentioning it! I was a huge fan and even catch myself watching the reruns from time to time.

Ya gotta be kidding me! Oh, it’s a must watch! *grin*

Maybe E and Matt can keep each other entertained while we’re watching the show. They can at least laugh at us together. laughing

I was shocked that Shannon WAS going to be there, and Tori WASN’T, you know? It seems like that would be reversed.

Ah well, should be interesting, if nothing else. ;)

As soon as I saw this on the Captivate screen in my elevator, I thought of you and Kathy! Too bad we can’t have a huge viewing party together - we should all be on IM chatting, eating popcorn, and watching it together!