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I added a few new smilies, just because I was wanting a little candle candle and then I kept drawing. Several are animated, but they are so small that its a subtle effect and they are still tiny in filesize.
I didn’t exercise today, but I did read a bit of a new :book:I downloaded a few pictures from my snap me a pic I played with my money stocks for a while on blogshares. I don’t have a use for a sock in a sentance, but it was too cute of an idea and I made it mainly for :cheryl: who loves socks wink


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Ah, I love the sock too!

I bought some solid gold earrings this weekend in the shape of a bug, but they are prheart (purple). They so made me think of you that I had to buy them and wear them immediately (good thing they were on sale and there was a coupon).

Ooh these are cute. is the kiss new? wink Like the exercise one, I need to exercise more too.

ahh!!! blushyour smilies are just too cute!!heart
i really like them!! luvya
(sorry if i use toomany, I’m just too excited! tounge out)wink

You have the best smilies! I really like the new candle and sock. The sock reminds me of babies for some reason. Maybe because it’s so cute and tiny. smileluvya

Ever since I saw Cheryl’s sock smiley, I’ve wanted one. Now you have one too! I must find a cute sock smiley! ;)


snap me a pic


i heart the sock and the strawberry the most (ooh, and the :rainbowsmile

Love the sock!! sock Thanks for thinking of me!flower

well I personally love the candle, go figure right? tounge out:

rainbow this one is awful cute as well. Love all of them!

I didn’t realize that you made all of those cool icons! You’ve knocked my socks off once again!

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