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Well, hi! I’m finally posting smile

I rested for much of the morning, and then we left the house. I knew we had to go and find something for Sarah’s birthday, so we headed for Target and browsed the aisles for a while. Of course, this is hard on my legs and body in general, so I was wishing I had a small enough butt to fit in the cart wink

We found some terrific stuff, and I’m putting together a stationary/candle box for her that I think will be really nice. And while we were there, we picked up some pushpins and picture frames for me AND a baby bathtub for the shower next weekend - I’m not sure if its one she’s wanted, but the joy of gift receipts should help with that situation. I know they need one, but all of them were so funny shaped. What ever happened to just having white flat normal baby baths??!! (Maybe I’ll have to scan in a few of our baby bath pictures smile If I can find one where the nakedness isn’t too noticable!!)

Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes was fantabulous. There’s just something about all that good healthy food that makes you feel good and happy (and full!) when you leave. I’ve become particularly fond of their blueberry muffins, with a plate of tapioca on the side. Delicious!

E is resting with a bit of a headache, and I’ve played Kingdom Hearts again for a little while, and I see there are some emails that need answering, but I think a bit more KH will come first!


Sounds like a pretty good day all in all, I hope you aren’t too worn out! Have a very happy Easter sweetie! rainbow

That sounds like a nice day. *hugs* I hope you have a good one tomorrow too.

I checked, we don’t have Sweet Tomatoes here. The menu sure looks great though. smile

kiss luvya