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TNN will be SPIKE

TNN goes all male with new name, programming

... His role models: Spike the macho vamp in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; directors Spike Lee and Spike Jonze. As a verb, think spike a volleyball. ...

Well, now that’s interesting. I do remember when it was TNN==The Nashville Network, and so I still expect to see country singers when I’m flipping past it. So I guess a rename is probably in order if they want to finally change their audience smile

E doesn’t stop much on TNN—I’d tend to stop on ST:TNG if it was an episode I wanted to rewatch, but he flips past. I bet he won’t be able to flip past when SpikeTV adds their adult cartoon block... laughing


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From what I’ve read, they are *changing* their name again. Darned if I remember to what though. It’ll still be TNN, it’ll just stand for something different... smile

Can I claim tiredness as an excuse? Sorry, I missed that link is actually discussing the name change too.

Duh. ;)


i saw this, too, and for some reason, SPIKE as a cable channel name just doesn’t fit right. sounds too much like SPICE and we all know what kind of channel that is. ha ha!

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