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tired eyes!

I didn’t sleep so much last night. And now my eyes are so tired that I keep rubbing them. I wonder if you rub your eyes too much if they will fall out? ;) I did take some naps this morning, but I’m still sleepy. Silly body, get with the program?!! wink


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i hear you! i was babysitting last night - yes babysitting - and no i am not sixteen - just helping out some old friends, anyway they were out until 2am. augh! i just can’t hack that anymore. and of course i work up at 8. i am off for a nap soon soon soon. sweet dreams!

As a health care professional, I can reassure you that you must rub your eyes a lot before they will fall out.

LMAO! I hope they don’t fall out! YIKES! I know the feeling, though, I have a been yawning a TON today! UGH!

Yes, but it’s amazing how little you have to rub your eyes before your contacts fall out ! Speaking out of personal experience, anyway smile

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