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brett cullen

I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out who the guy on Outer Limits was, and where I’d seen him before. Even though I found his name, I still don’t know where I’ve seen him lately. I hate that! But at least I figured it out, I’d be more annoyed if I hadn’t! Ah, well!

Its raining outside, and it sounds beautiful. smile And smells nice too!


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I thought that name sounded familiar. He played Nancy Drew’s dad on the TV movie awhile back. And yes, I watched the Nancy Drew TV movie. LOL! laughing

Is there a photo of him somewhere?

He’s been in a ton of stuff, mostly forgettable. I remember him as the cute guy on the microphone in Apollo 13, and as one of Meggie’s brothers—the one who gets into the sheep-shearing contest with Luke—in the Thorn Birds. (He looked really, really young in that, though.)

Brett’s web site is at http://www.brettcullen.com.

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