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happiness is...

  • chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes and pumpkin bread

  • Feeling well enough to take a shower

  • feeling well enough to get the mail.

  • finding a book in the mailbox from the library that I’m excited to read

  • getting a few things done

  • beating up another bad guy in Crash Bandicoot

  • a Roswell that I saw the first time around but didn’t understand since I hadn’t seen the ones before it

  • getting a nap this morning

  • friends who make me laugh

  • a cute boy to hug and kiss


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Happiness for me is sharing in the happiness of others. I can’t be with the one that loves I love, and loves mes just now, but I know that he is happy, and I’m happy to. It’s just a big circle of happy! heart

I remember that Roswell episode. It was a bit strange. tv confused

I’m thankful for you too. You make me smile all the time with your sweet words and comments. smile luvya

Wow, could I have made any more typos, and sounded more incoherent? I don’t think so! "the one that I love, and loves me". Oh boy. laughing

I wish you could see the big smile you just put on my face. I’m glad I made you smile today. smile You’re such a sweet person. luvya

That’s a fun game. Have you tried The Sims? Kinda different but addicting.

That’s a pretty good list.

I shoulda stopped over earlier! I heart you too, hon. *hugs*

ooh! i missed this! i am excited that you got the book. let me know what you think.

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