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celeb bras

If the bra fits ...

Sixty celebrities designed Frederick’s of Hollywood bras for an auction to benefit breast cancer charity Expedition Inspiration Take-A-Hike.

That’s kinda cool! Some of the bra designs are really neato, and its cool that they made so much money for the charity.


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okay, this is totally unrelated and i’m sorry if this has been around for a while but i just never noticed it, but i love the pop-up idea you have for your music list! it saves so much space, but you still get your amazon link in!

It might be neat to have one of those nice bras. But you couldn’t show it off to many people!

I’m always so pleasantly surprised at what I might find at your site. Love the new color options. Enjoy your Friday. wink

I need some new bras. No, really. But I’m thinking those are a little pricey. ;)

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