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I know that I want to keep track of some of my daily health happenings, but I’m not sure how I’m gonna do it yet. For now, I’ll just keep it in my main journal, but it probably will have a home of its own soon; some of you really might not want to read about it every day wink

So far today:
stretched from my bed: 10-15 minutes
walked to mailbox
up and down stairs 4 times so far
drank large cup of orange juice with breakfast and took vitamins
shopping for more fruits and veges
called mom and got a recipe for prune fill, and hoping to stand long enough to make that.


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It sounds like you’re off to a great start. heart

*hugs* Great start! I wouldn’t mind if you left this stuff here so we can see and cheer you on.

Good for you!! I walked around the grocery store—back and forth, back and forth, forgetting where things were!!! So we did good today on our exercise. wink

WOO! You go girl! What a great start. laughing

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