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"Hello, this is Kristine’s Tech Support service, how can I help you?"

Yes, this is how I should answer calls from my family. My mom just called, and her icons on her start menu for Microsoft Word weren’t there anymore. LOL, I’m kinda guessing that Matthew cleaned out some sections of the start menu and didn’t know how to put them back wink

I have a feeling I’m gonna get a call from Matthew this afternoon asking me how to put them back. I don’t know if I have a good easy answer if he actually deleted multiple folders; but I can tell him how to reset up the shortcuts.

My easiest idea is to use Windows Explorer and find the actual program directory. Right click on the program file, and hover over the start button until the menu pops up, and then hover to the folder you want the shortcut to be in. When you release the mousebutton, it should give a menu that has "Create Shortcut"—select that.

If that doesn’t work so well, right clicking on the start button, and selecting "explore" or "browse" (I can’t remember the Win98 terminology after having XP so long!). This will actually show the structure of the programs file for easier adding of folders and shortcuts can be dragged here too.


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I must confess, there have been times when I’ve been so at the end of my rope that I wished I could just call Kristine’s Tech Support! And I’m not even part of your family. But, I refrain. Usually I can find the answer to my problems by browsing your site or checking the MT forums. Usually, I’ll find you’ve already asnwered my question there. Both methods you mentioned should work for getting the icons back in the start menu.

LOL Gotta love family and the things they do when they’re not so computer literate as they thought they were! wink

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