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odd commenting

Sometimes, people leave the oddest comments on some of my sites.... snap!: chinese flowers



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yep, pretty strange. i guess that’s what he thought at the time. maybe he hadn’t had his coffee yet? i can be pretty incoherent when i haven’t woken up. laughing


What a bunch of Froot Loops.

I guess any site that helped you with what you were looking for would be a good site, eh? ;)

I get stuff like this CONSTANTLY on Picture Fish. For some reason I went from 50 hits a day to 500 a day this week. It really brings out the crazies. Lots of deleting and rebuilding going on. laughing

kinda funny and harmless. at least he wasn’t mean-spirited or use profanity. smile

LOL! And you’re supposed to respond to that... HOW?

I wonder if the AOL address has anything to do with it? wink

Funny how some people interpret different sites angel

LMAO! @ GG!! smile How funny...yep, that would probably be true. People are soooo weird!

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