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feeling a bit better

Despite a 45 minute pointless work conversation with my dad this morning, I’m actually feeling okay this afternoon. My head feels a bit less fuzzy. My tummy isn’t as upset as it has for weeks. And I’ve gotten a few things done this afternoon! Phew!

So I’m gonna try and get a shower and leave the house this evening with E smile

Meanwhile, I’ve almost got smilies up and going in the comments, and my winamp playlist looking spiffy, but a few more tweaks will make things even better smile


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Your Winamp Playlist ROCKS!!! Just *how* do you do it? I loooove it! Have a tutorial for that yet? *wink*

By the way - I was pointing to index.rdf and not index.xml - now I see the full posts in my reader and I’m here to comment!

I was admiring your playlist earlier. :music: That is definitely too cool! butterfly

I love your Winamp list too. Is that the MTamazon plugin in use? I could use your advice on that. Have fun tonight, you deserve to. Playing with your smilies: heart bug blush lollypop makeup strawberry flower

Wow! I’m really diggin' that Playlist too. After I got over being startled when I hovered over the link and up popped a box with the artist’s info in them that is. lol smile

Yes, tutorials will follow. who loves you, babes?! luvya

I’m so glad you’re going to have a playlist tutorial. I got a barebones version up for my site yesterday, but yours is much snazzier. Of course, I’m just impressed that I did any version at all by myself. I’m learning! smile

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