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ty and more

Ty Pennington: 'Trading Spaces' carpenter and a whole lot more
I giggled at the intro to the article:

Life can be so unfair.

One minute you’re gloating over the chance to interview home-improvement heartthrob Ty Pennington. The next, you find out you have to do it by phone.

Oh, the cruelty

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Thanks for sharing this article. I giggled at that first bit as well though I understand the sentiment. ha ha! I didn’t know much about Ty, so it was nice to learn a bit. I saw the Trading Spaces behind the scenes book at Barnes and Noble last night, and I think I may have to buy it at some point. I’m so hooked on the show.

I have a question that has been in my mind forever.
How would you get Ty Pennington’s autograph? Can u like tell me where he lives or some thing.

thanks 4 ur help if u can answer my question


I’m also trying to find an address where I can get a Ty autograph. I’m trying to put together a scrapbook for my little sister’s high school graduation, and would love to include anything Ty. If any one has any idea how I can get hold of Ty’s fan mail address...that would be great! Thanks!!


ty, I would like you to give me a autograph of you for me. If you could would you mind if you give me your address to me. The reason is because my class is doing a letter to their favorite people that they like and I chose you. So will you please come and give me your autograph and address please. I would be ever so grateful if you did. I will love you forever if you do this one thing for me ty. Thanks!prheartribbonluvyakissheart
P.S. Thanks for everything you do for these people on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I watch your show every Sunday. You are just great on that show that is why I asked for a signed autograph of you and your address. So please help me do this by helping me get your autograph and address. Thanks!

Hey Ty Pennnington,
I think your really hot and sweet and I know for a fact that me are going to get married so when are u going to give the ring? lol Will you please send me a autographed picture to me!
Keep doing the good things that you do,
Janet Oyelola

My name is Pj for short. i love your show i tried to talk to you i needed an application for your show for my god partents love you lots also send a application to aak3@msn.com



Hi. I am a really big fan of your Extreme MakeOver show and i need your help. Our house caugt fire almost 2 years ago from an electrical fire. It happened the day before Thanksgiving 2003. Since then the insurence company has jerked us in so many directions that we dont even know where we are with them. We have been stuck in a tiny cramped apartment with me my, mom, my stepdad, and most of the time my nephew. We have yard for my 3 year old nephew play in, and we have absolutely NO privacy. I know your not currently looking for people in the Kentuckiana area, but if would be so kind as to help im we would all be grateful. We have tried everything else and my mom is more deserving than anyone i know.

Sarah S.

Hello Ty, please, i don’t have anyone else that can help me with this. I’m a 47 year old woman. My name is
Deb Snyder.. I was married for 21 years.. divorced for 7..When i was married, my husband did all of the remodeling.. i was'nt even allowed to ever... in my whole life, paint .. I moved to Warren, IN 5 years ago.. textured and painted my entire home... I even painted with a feather duster!..I live with my dissabled son.. Jeff. I wanted to remodel the house next door for Jeff, but, i injured both of my wrists and can’t do much of anything.. We love the country.. we’re right on the Salamonie State park Preserve. Ty, I’m scared.. everything is falling down .. My son cannot help. and i’m getting old.. man, i really could use your help. We’re trying to live on $579 a month. we’ve been in this situation for almost 2 years.. i’m waiting for my dissability to go thru. My water heater fell thru the floor and part of my wallsand floor are all rotted out. there is a huge hole in the floor by the back door.. We’re worried about break ins . My garage is falling ... my well house is crumbleing... If we use this for tornados.. we have to sit in water in the well house. jeffs house use to be a fruit stand... they started to turn it into a apartment and didn’t finish.. it has propane heat, the walls are not finished at all, there’s no heat ducts... the water heater caught fire ... the bathroom floor has a leak,the floor has sunk and the toilet is not for the drunk... you sit on it and it wobbles...(lol) i’m worried i don’t know how we’re going to get by ....i’ve tried to get help.. but have had no luck.. I’m takeing a freelance writting course thru vocational rehab.. and can write this thru a dictation system. I’m trying my best.. but we’re both very depressed. my van has no shocks.. the exhaust has fallen off.. I just don’t know how we’re going to get thru this. I know you have alot of requests.. please consider us. you are our only chance. thanks for your time, deb snyder

Dear Ty Pennington,
I love you so much. I love the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I watch it and tape it every Sunday. It is my favorite. heart:rainbowflowerblushlollypopmailprheart It is so cool what you any the team are doing for people. Keep it up. Move that bus, Bernadette Nissen

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