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everything i do

Is it wrong that when Everything I do by Bryan Adams just came on the radio, I still knew every single word of it? ;)

For those of you who didn’t watch every movie in the 90s, its the song from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991). laughing


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I do too because I am a Sting fanatic. Seriously. I adore him.

I’m pretty sure I could sing it word for word as well. And "Summer of '69" as well. ;)

I too know the words. I remember back then they played it way too much on the radio, and I was pregnant with my oldest daughter at the time...it made me cry. Musta been the hormones. LOL!

I love Bryan Adams but 'Everything I Do' was just PURE SAP! how about something off of his 'Reckless' or 'Cuts Like a Knife' CDs! smile

I remember all the words too. smile

LOL I’m sure I could, too. I can still play the first half on the piano.

I remember all the words too. smile

Oh wow...I remember LOTS of Bryan Adams songs...another GREAT one was Summer of '69, I still have that whole album in my car and listen to it often...now THAT is pitiful! LOL

I just LOVE Bryan Adams. Rob and I saw him in concert in 92 and it was the BEST! He puts on such a great show. The best part of that concert was the finale, he sang "Straight from the Heart" and Rob and I were newly dating... and we swayed and hugged back and forth to that song together. It was a very precious memory that we both look back on fondly. Thanks for reminding me of it! smile

Everything I Do and Paula Abdul’s Rush Rush, were the top two love songs the summer I met my husband. They both bring back SO many memories.

Ooooh, fun new icon/smilies! Woohoo! laughing

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