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New skin features

Anybody using my default skin now can see some color choices instead of my buttery trading spaces inspired option. There’s 9 of them all together. Everybody seemed to love this layout, so it seemed to make sense to add a few more color options smile Plus, playing with CSS makes me happy, and I obviously needed some of that today smile See the sidebar to pick from the color icons.

Because I didn’t really want to use the same style-switcher that I have on skin 1, because its javascript and not everybody has js enabled, I went with learning the PHP version this time. Took me a bit longer to figure out, but its excellent now, and Moz/N browsers can even change the stylesheets from the browser window instead of the php-set cookies smile

Things I learned tonight as I *slowly* fixed my skins after screwing something up... be careful with header() commands. CSS border-bottom on images when you hover aren’t as easy to get rid of as I remembered. Google rocks for searching for error messages, but sometimes you just get a page that has had the same error message for who-knows-how-long. I love having a "fan club" that sees I’m making changes and excitedly awaits to comment as soon as my comments are working again.

I also added the collapsable comments over here. I really like that option on other peoples sites. I tend to read the comments more frequently, truth-be-told, when that option is there. So I figured it was time for me to implement it here.

Next thing I want to do? Add the smilies to the comment screen. I only have a handful of them, the lavender ones, but its another thing I really like as an option on my friends sites.

So that’s been my evening. I got a bit sidetracked watching Roswell (season 2 finale, if I’m not mistaken), the 4th episode of Stargate from Monday, the end of Buffy (season 5 where Glory gets Tara), and the newest Angel. Woo for wonderful TV!!!


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I chose "girly" colors to view your blog...that is so cool, the whole changing the colors idea. Nifty.
Take care...

Okay, that freaking rocks! I think I like the butter the best, but the oceana (big surprise) and the berry ones both are great.

You make such pretty things. Seriously. I love it! Too freakin' cool. smile

wow the color chooser kicks butt! I’m using oceana right now. laughing

Your color picker is great! I’d like to add that to my "most recent photos" skin. I love the "read the comments here" javascript trick. I like to read the comments too and it’s really handy.

Kris-tine! How am I supposed to choose?! I’m going with Berry for now. Great job on the picker and the CSS! smile

Wow, wow. I love the color picker, but just how do you expect me to pick just one color scheme with all the wonderful ones you have?! Choices. Decisions. I think I’ll take the girly one for now and change it the next time I visit. Hehe.

Your work always inspires me. smile

Hello Kristine,

Lisa mentioned your site when I commented on her site’s design. So, I wanted to stop by and say hello. Love your stylesheet.

Will be back later to peruse more when I’ve got a little more time.

The Butter colors are my favorite, too. I’m trying to use the PHP method of skin switching, though there are a few pesky details like getting stylesheets to cooperate... can you suggest any online CSS resources that might help me debug my styles and get the columns to line up properly?

Wow, let me just add that I’ve loving the Oceana option too - how cool!

Very very very cute smile I’m a muted gal right now.

wow! too cool! i am clicking away like a crazy person. smile

I like muted and berry. Neat trick. smile

i love the color-picker, kristine! so very cool smile

i love the color-picker, kristine! so very cool smile

Oceana for me—this is too cool!

i’m using 'berry' right now. verrrry sooooothing! smile

I love this! Kristine, your genius is unsurpassed. You rock girl!

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