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stupid taxes

<Work Rant>
Every year, we put together all of the reports for our tax guy. My mom has always been in charge of this. Last year, I helped a lot because we were using Peachtree for the first time, and I had actually named the account names based on what made sense to me.

This year has been bad because not only am I not actively involved in the financial transactions, but my mom has been in school, so she hasn’t been involved either. So everything is being done as best as it can, but when it comes down to it, they ask me what it all means.

So that leaves a big hole. Me, with my foggy head because of this stupid CFIDS, and my lack of energy to care as much as I would like to. And mom, who can’t remember what happened last month, more less last year. And Annette, who has learned so much this year but not everything. So all 3 of us have done a tiny bit of stuff, but nobody pulled it all together.

Of course, that means that the last few weeks have been full of phone calls to me and PCAnywhere sessions and entering as much as we could. So what does mom do? Wait until last night to start printing off her reports and realizes "uh, I don’t remember how to do this." So I had to hold her hand through the process. :sigh:

Its frustrating because she didn’t get all of the info dad needed for his tax appointment this morning, and they STILL are calling me asking questions.

I don’t have the energy to deal with this, but I need to figure out the purchase number now because mom couldn’t find it. :sigh: Back on my shoulders.

  • Add this to the fact that I don’t have any idea when I’ll be getting last years pay checks, and I’ve lost interest in keeping track of the time I’m spending now because there’s almost no chance of getting paid for it.
  • Add this to the fact that I’m getting stress pains in my side when I think about this.
  • Add this to the fact that I care so much about this because I took so much pride in my work and had so much energy to be a productive wonderful employee for so many years.
  • AND add all this to the fact that I have hundreds of things I’d rather do smile

Bah. So yeah, that’s the story.
</work rant>


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Work sucks! If only we could be independently wealthy in live in a blogging mansion with nothing to do but flitter our time away in the pool and on web design stuff that we WANT to do!

I lub you! ;)


*hugs* It’s tough being the one that everybody else counts on, especially when you’re not feeling your best. I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you and sending lots of hugs. smile

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