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No Fraser In Mummy 3?

No Fraser In Mummy 3?

a third Mummy movie may go forward without Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, who starred in the first two installments, according to a report on ComingSoon.net. Arnold Vosloo, who plays the title character, told the columnists that the concept for the third film would have ancient King Imhotep waking up "in contemporary times, with new stars."

Okay, do they not remember The Scorpion King and how stupid it was? Making a 3rd Mummy w/o the lead actors seems just about that smart. laughing


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they might not remember how stupid it was (and boy was it stupid), but they do remember the huge amount of money it made. That’s the only reason why most sequels are made. Stupid Hollywood.

This is just stupid. How can they have a Mummy movie without Brendan? It’s like...an ice cream sundae without the cherry. They go together. I’m definitely not going to go out of my way to see the new one—if it ever gets made, that is.

No Brendan and no Rachel equals no Kathy seeing the movie. lol


Kathy said it best. She’s absolutely right. Altho I think Arnold Vosloo is quite the hottie too... hmmm... I might have to rent it. ;)

Oooh thank goodness someone else thinks A. Vosloo is hot too. Thought it was just me. LOL But I have to agree here... without Fraser and Weisz, the movie will be worthless to me. Ah well... sad

They could absolutely do the set in the modern times thing. Just have Brendan & Rachel be new people. They could even get to know each other all over again. It’d be great. But Mummy 3 without them? Nope, nope. Sorry, just won’t cut it. And hell I guess that means no John Hannah either. Crap. :|

I keep on hearing all sorts of rumors, 1st Rachel said she didn’t want 2 do a third installment and now she’s saying she wants too. Well anyway, if they do a third mummy film, it would be waaaaaaay better with Brendan and Rachel in cause really they have made the mummy, the mummy. Without them, it’ll be like big chunks of organs missing from our bodys. okay that sounds gross but its true. Plus how could they make a third movie, cause with the lil' alex o'connell if they age him, brendan and rachel would look the same and not age and that’ll look kinda weird. But i am all for Brendan and Rachel staring in the movie. HOPEFULLY!!! star

Well, though i don’t like the idea at all, like i didn’t like the idea of the scorpion king at all, but i gave it a chance, so in all fairness to A.Vosloo and just to know what happens I have to admit i’d go see it. But this is the second time hollywood left brendan out..george of the jungle 2 doesn’t have him either..grr:butterfly confused

I hate this idea....the next Mummy movie without Rick and Evy?!?!?! What are they thinkingconfusedconfused If they want to make money, why not use the combination that they started with and that works!! All the characters made the movies what they are and that means including Brendan and Rachel. Without them, I do not believe they will be able to do the next one justice. I loved both movies and hoped they would make another one. I can honestly say, if they make it without them, this is one major Mummy fan that will not see it.sad

The Mummy 3-I honestly could not stand Brendan and Rachael. Not that they are bad actors but that the comedy ruined a potentially great love story. I will not be sad that they will not be in this movie. I would love to see more of Arnold Vosloo and his character. I just hope this is not an attempt at another money-making movie but an attempt toward a quality film. It has been so long since I have seen a movie with an actual story instead of a plot based on SFX and stupid comedy relief characters. Example Stars Wars The Phantom Menace - Jar Jar

TheMummy- I thought the idea of a man in love with a woman for 3000 years was terrible romantic. The Mummy could have done so much more with this part in the film. Personally I was more intrigued with this plot. This movie was turned into a modern day teen flick. More interested in a stupid laugh then an actually story.

The Mummy Returns-Can someone clear something up for me. I thought the scorpion king was evil and trying to take over the world. Explain to me what was the turning point from the scorpion king (Rock is good) to the evil, world dominating, and soul selling man in the mummy returns. I felt like the movie industry was trying to dup me. They felt money could be made from the Rock and decided to change the story and plot to make another movie. It just baffled me how someone could try and pass this insidious man as a "saint".

If they well be absent(brendan,rachael) i well be to.that is my stand. one person does not mack a difrent but we all can together.

look i am a huge fan of the mummy movies! one of the biggest fans u can possibly imagine! i watch at least one of them, either mummy 1 or 2 everyday. Now, when i heard there was going to be a mummy three i was extremely excited, but then came the reviews that i looked up that had my fave actress rachel weisz sayin she aint gonna be in the third movie, but then a while later she changed her mind. then comes brendan sayin he aint in it either! im mean COME ON! the mummy movies without RICK AND EVELYN thats just insane. dont brendan and rachel even care about their fans! i mean im a huge fan of both of them. by golly im still going to see the movies when it decides to come out but i wont be nearly as excited if rick and evie arent a part of it. even if they made the rick and evie characters different actors i still wouldnt be happy! RACHEL AND BRENDAN ROCK THE MUMMY ROX ASSstarheartheart

lets make this plain and simple, No Brendan and Rachael, NO Mummy 3. if they are planing to go at different times, include Brenda and Rachael as older characters or something. use the son as the main character. DO NOT LET GO OF THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS!!!!!

If they do decide to do a Mummy 3 with out Brendan and Rachael and in modern times. It would probably make sense if they do a movie with Rick and Evy’s son all grown up and on an adventure on his own.

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I agree that if they did it in somewhat modern times with Alex a bit older it might be good but if they take it too modern it will be the whole Godzilla concept all over again and that would just be stupid. Plus they have to remember Alex was born like...in the 1930-40’s.....so if they do make it too modern...it won’t make sense...Sides whats Arnold’s costume going to be then...Armani suit??

I agree that if they did it in somewhat modern times with Alex a bit older it might be good but if they take it too modern it will be the whole Godzilla concept all over again and that would just be stupid. Plus they have to remember Alex was born like...in the 1930-40’s.....so if they do make it too modern...it won’t make sense...Sides whats Arnold’s costume going to be then...Armani suit??

I agree with everyone else that the movie will not succeed, and is not worth watching, if they add new actors to play the part of Rick and Evelyn. However, if they did the movie around their son a little older, like perhaps during WWII or shortly post war, it would add a bit of excitement. Running from Nazis and what not. But they cannot do it too far in the future because it would be the Godzilla fiasco all over again. Plus, if they do it in modern times, electronics are around everywhere, and they would have to place the movie with the electronics like GPS and the like. That would completely destroy the image of the lone man (woman too) trying to defeat an army or evil mummy by themselves. And to the movie makers I say this, if there is no brendan there should be new rick, the same for the evelyn character, and if its set in a later time, make the character around twenty, and not in truly modern times. Thank you, have a nice day.

i think that arnold is cute and that the 1st 2 movies were great but i do agree, it would not be as good with out them but then you would get the true love story. I don’t know i would just have to wait untill it comes out to see what is will be about. So it may be good but i’d like to see more Arnold!

i think that arnold is cute and that the 1st 2 movies were great but i do agree, it would not be as good with out them but then you would get the true love story. I don’t know i would just have to wait untill it comes out to see what is will be about. So it may be good but i’d like to see more Arnold!

I Have find on the web that Rachel Weisz en Arnold Voslo that they the stars of Mummy 3 but i have seen also on the web that The Mummy 3 started whit new acters (Arnold Voslo played in Mummy 3) that The film a new episode is because the makers have thnik about The Mummy 4.

I’m just going to repeat what practically all of you are saying.......Brendan and Rachel make these movies. Hollywood has failed many times to make successful sequels because they have hired new actors and actresses to play the main characters. I can totally understand if they do a whole new plot, but then they can’t rightfully call it the Mummy 3, can they? It would be like calling 'the Scorpian King' the Mummy 3. Everyone loves these movies, teens and adults alike. I didn’t like Brendan until I saw him in these movies and then I didn’t start noticing Weisz until here, also. I believe they should suck it up for their fans and just do it! Now that I’m hearing Weisz wants to do it, Brendan should also do it. No matter what, I will probably see the movie. I will hate it if they are not in it, but I’m sure it will be enjoyable if Vosloo is still a part of the action. star

Well yes what you all say iz true, a movie without them wouldn’t be half as good cos we’ve got used 2 them being in The Mummy films, but generally very few movies get better through the sequels, so if the storyline iz gonna be crap (take dumb and dumberer for example) I think it’ll be better without rachel weisz and brendan frasier. If they were in it and it was rubbish it would just spoil the first two and our idea that they both make the mummy films ace, if u get wot i mean. Sometimes its best to go out on top and leave us wanting more, rather then putting their names to a load of junk just for the money. lollypop

I am a huge fan of the mummy movies, no matter how good or bad but i know i will love the 3rd one. I am sad that Brendon and Rachel won’t be in the 3rd installation but i am really looking forward to Mummy 3 if it is still going ahead. I think the story is going to be great becuase the story is about morden time and it is very different to the other films. I’m sure the film will be enjoyable and especially if Arnold is still part of the action. He is a better actor and great looking! Without him in it, it’s got to be a worse film!sad

You know, I’ve stopped by occasionally here to see what other people think about the rumored third mummy movie, but few have heard any true news lately, mostly just rumors and hear say, which is truly counter-productive in finding the truth. Now, I don’t have too much time on my hands, due to the fact that I have a life, but for the few minutes that I’m on the net, I do a few minor searches for whatever currently intrigues me, and I think I shall spend some of this time to search for facts concerning the third installment, and I shall then share my new found wisdom with everyone, or to anyone who will listen. Until then, have a nice day.

I know, I am a big fan of the mummy movies, I am so in love with Arnold Vosloo
heart star blushkiss
I think it will be a bit sad if Brendan and Rachel do not star in the 3rd sequel. But isnt there another rumour that Rachel has changed her mind and wants 2 star in Mummy 3? confused
I hope they both do. The scorpian king idea was a bit dumb, but im not complaining dat much coz The Rock is yummy 2
Anyway I think I would see the movie (if there is a mummy 3) because there was more than 2 good actors in that film. I think Arnold is a terrific actor and I would like to see a bit more of him in the 3rd movie. YUM YUM.
Spk 2 u all l8r Mummy fans.
Love Laura-Louise XxXxX

how lame, brandon is so cute, wew!

I Love You Arnold Vosloo... like to see more Arnold. bye my baby Arnold...

Im a BIG Fan of The Mummy and The Mummy Returens Movies, the whole settings and acts were great . And to hear that there is going to be a Mummy 3 Im soOo EXSITED!!. and I really HOPE that all the old characters will be in the third movie because it just will not be right with out them it will be really stupid. and I will defintle go see it in the movies and by the dvd.

P.S I wish I could meet the real charcters. It would be cool.heart

The real characters are so lcool

This is just perfect a great movie with the two greatest stars.People I looked up to and now there gone I hope no one comes to see this movie.Becaues this movie wont make it to DVD with out the rill oconells.

you cant get rid of the actors, it would never be the same, plus dont belive every thing you read it might not be true, but hope fully we will find out sooner or later lol.
p.s brendan is to hot!!!!!!!!kiss

i am sooooo excited when i heard that there’s going to be The Mummy 3 but no frasier and weisz??i mean helloo? they are the reason why i watched the past 2 mummy movies...if i didn’t watch them i wouldn’t have recognized the beautiful,talented rachel weisz...but i really like brendan frasier too,he’s funny....it’s just not me going to the movie to watch the mummy 3 without brendan and rachel...i don’t understand why they want to make another mummy sequel without the original character,it’s just not fair!what’s wrong with them anyway?they are popular,talented,what else?hopefully they will finally take the original characters for the mummy 3 cast..wink

That will be soooo horrible if Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz don’t act in the Mummy 3. I still will see the movie. I mean Evy(Rachel) and Rick(Brendan) are made for each other and this series started with them and it really should go on with them and not anyone else. They are one of the cutest couples of Hollywood and they star along each other only in the Mummy series and someone should go and convince them to act in the Mummy 3 .
If they don’t , They sooo are going to break millions of hearts all over the world!!!

gem Need a Mummy 3 fix....come on people...let’s start production.....

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