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I had a great time looking through the Wthremix entries. Its a contest, not necessarily for the actual design of the W3C site, but there’s some great entries. Here’s some of my favorites...

  • Marco "Bazzman" Trevisan—clean, not too busy, and the css rollovers are great.
  • Steven Taylor—plain, but really nicely styled. Keeping it simple.
  • Andreas Bovens—good use of a background image in the titles for emphasis. Nice way to handle more data from the main page.
  • Radu Darvas—A very different design than the current, but really striking and easy to read/navigate. I think this is my favorite, and not just because its orange and gray!
  • Ben Darlow—Nice use of the current blue with a new touch. The images are a nice touch.
  • Natalie Meza—I like the design, but its a bit more techie looking than I think they’ll choose.
[via Nick’s TopStyle blog]


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I’d totally forgotten about this contest, so I’m really glad you reminded me. It’s nice to see the different styles on the same site. I think my favorite is probably the Ben Darlow one that you linked in your post.

I like the last one, but IE 5.5 isn’t very kind to it. I love the left-hand rollovers on Ben Darlow’s though.

I like the ones you picked and I agree with your favorite. But, I also like this one: http://www.jm-l.nl/lasty/html/w3/index.xhtml

I think I am going to have to agree with you on Radu’s . I like that one the best.

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