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slept all night!

Wooooo!!! I didn’t wake up at all until after 8 this morning! I didn’t even hear E getting ready for work, or anything. This is the first night in a while that it happened—I typically get up to pee and then stay up for an hour. Its not as frustrating as it was last year when I was up for 3 or 4 hours every night... but its still a nice surprise when I sleep all night smile

My site was loading a bit slow in the last hour, so if you see odd things, its probably because of that.

I turned on the radio when I got up like I normally do, and heard that all traffic on I205 south (bridge that goes from East Vancouver to East Portland; heavily traveled) was closed because a tanker went out of control and spilled its Liquid Oxygen all over the place. Its pretty weird to see NO Traffic on the Cameras!

ooh, breakfast time, I almost missed it! laughing


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Congrats on sleeping in! Rest always makes a person feel better...maybe a trip to Red Robin will be in order to celebrate!

That’s great smile I meant to say that in the past few days, I’ve come here to visit and I find the site just completely bare, like it’s just a text file. Could that be it?

yeah, it has been looking like a text file for me recently too. if i click on a link it goes back to the right style but initially it is a little wonkey.
as for the truck spillage, i remember about a year and a half agao when a truck spilled sodium chloride or something on I-5 just south of Portland and it messed things up like crazy!

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