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styles not showing?

Okay, I’ve had 3 people now say that they have been seeing my page without any styles. Are there more of you? Can you tell me what you are seeing? What skin are you using (the yellow and grey is default)? Are you getting a PHP error or just blank text?

I went through and validated it XHTML transitional again, and put the meta tag in for what charset because somehow I took that out when I was changing something.

Besides that, I can’t see anything that’s wacky with my code!


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When I went to
I saw no styles. (It was kind of interesting, actually, to see how the raw data is done!) When I clicked to reply - landing me at
it was the normal kdlb site, with the same skin I had been using.

To help you sort of pinpoint it, I didn’t click on anything so who knows, it may have worked on an archived page. But it’s exactly as Meredith said, it was like raw data.

Ack, sorry about the crazy formatting. Should probably get rid of those <tt> tags! When I went to http://kadyellebee.com/ it looked fine. (I had been using the Trading Spaces default skin, and that’s what I’m still getting.) Could there be an issue with the 'www' somehow? (I can’t for the life of me figure out how that would be the case, though.)

I get that sometimes when I go through www.kadyellebee.com. It displays just blank text. At home I’m on the yellow stripey skin (and let me say again how much I love it!) and at work I’m on the grunge skin.

It could have something to do with the amount of data on the page? If the user’s connection is slow, it will often load the full page and then stop before it can load the stylesheet. When they refresh or go to a new page on your site, the stylesheet will show up because the majority of the page is now cached. I experience that alot on large sites when my flaky cable connection gets bogged down.

I think I’m fine at home and at work (I know I’m fine at work... Mac OS9.something, IE). Home is an XP with IE.

So, no problems from here!

hmm....i hadn’t noticed it at all until i just tried to load the red kitchen and it did it there as well. :\

I’m on DSL both at home and at work, so I don’t think it was that. I also saw all the data on the page, webrings and even blogtimes.

Thank you guys so much for the info.

Meredith—I fixed the tt tags - they just weren’t in my sanitize config yet, but now they are smile I need to add a list on the individual archives of what tags are set up. smile And maybe the smilies that are set up, too.

Rickie Beth—yeah it is possible that this page is heavier than some, although it doesn’t have barely any images on some of the skins, and so I don’t think that its being a problem.

The only time I can get it to not show up on this computer is when I use the translations—mozilla’s links in the personal link bar for translating to another language. And it shows a <base href="http://www.kadyellebee.com/index.php"> automatically when it does that. But none of my browsers are showing it up normally!

I hadn’t thought about it until reb said TRK isn’t loading either—I bet that E’s htaccess changes aren’t paying attention to the www versions of the sites somehow, and since I have full paths to the stylesheets w/o the www in them, I bet that’s the problem. I don’t know enough about what he did to fix it, but I’ll make him check it out.

Thanks again {{{{{hugs}}}}}

i am not having any problems anymore. looks like you’ve got it!

I still see funkiness with your early CSS (shadowed boxes) skin. I was noticing funkiness with the grunge one as well, but it was mostly that the sidebar items (where you list your fav reads) wasn’t rendered properly. Lemme know if you want screenshots, etc.

I’m using IE 6.0 on XP.

Works fine here, with many skins, under IE, Safari, Mozilla, Netscape for MacOSX, and IE for WinXP. I will echo Rickie Beth’s experience. On my rural dial-up I get a lot of that, even on my own amateurish, lightweight blog. Anyway, it all works fine here for me tonight.

I saw it, I saw it! smile When I visited with the "WWW," the page is unstyled, but without it, you’re good to go. Let me know how you solve it (with .htaccess?), because a similar problem is annoying me tonight - if I load my address without the www, it goes to the default skin even though I’ve chosen #3, and I’d like both kinds of visitors to keep their cookie choice - I’m demanding that way. ;)

The styles are working fine for me with or without the www though I was having the problem with my skins that Donna mentioned. That seemed to fix itself for me somehow.

I just wanted to let you know that when I comment here, I’m getting the following error:
An error occurred:

Can’t call method "data" without a package or object reference at plugins/commentleaders.pl line 201.

MT::App::Comments=HASH(0x8104590) Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at (eval 20) line 1.

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