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out of the house

After yesterday, I told E that I’d try to leave the house with him today. So I actually slept better last night, and rested a lot today... and made it out of the house. We went to Best Buy and returned the crappy microwave, checked to see if they had Master of Orion 3 in stock, and then off to Red Robin for dinner. I’d been dreaming (literally) of a Teriyaki Chicken burger for a few days now. And then off to Sears to get a better microwave. I’m sore and tired, but happy that we got a chance to go out. smile

Thanks for all your nice comments yesterday, as I’m very sure your thoughts and love were a good part of what held me up through today and kept me standing up next to E for a night out.


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that is most wonderful kristine. happy teriyaki-ing. smile

Glad you got out! I definitely understand what a triumph that can be lately... Here’s hoping you feel even better tomorrow and don’t pay for it!

Oooh, sounds like a great evening!! Funny, we seem to have a dud microwave too...I wonder if there is m-wave thing going around? ;)

Oh Kristine. Reading that brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad that you and E were able to go out and have fun. I’m so sorry that your going through this illness. You are always in my thoughts and prayers (((((Kristine)))))

You make me miss Red Robin! I’m glad you got a chance to go out with E. How nice! smile

What a fun night. Hmm... wonder if I could get anyone at work to go to RR for lunch. That’s my fav burger too. smile *hugs*

How sweet of you to make that extra effort when so worn out just to make E happy. Shows the love.

I’m glad you were able to go out and have some fun. It feels so odd to be reading about all of this when you’re feeling fine, and it puts so many of the little complaints I’ve been having about being in Sydney into perspective. When set against all this, it seems so...silly of me to be grumbling. You’re inspirational.

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