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I'm famous!

People have been talking about me.... blush

movabletype.org: News


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As well they should, you wonderful woman!

Ah, I can say I knew you when. wink

Btw, I have an MTOnThisDay question for you, Ms. Scripty Goddess. Anyway to make it display something like "No posts available" if there were no posts on that day?


WOOHOO!! Yay! I’m so very proud of you. You go girl!

(Don’t forget the little people. No, not me. The gnomes.) ;)

That’s so great! You’re famous, in the cool way, not the weird way. smile

COOL BEANS!! smile You certainly deserve the recognition! smile

I don’t care about the little people, but don’t forget the big people. Big girls need love too. ;)


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