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MT Plugin Directory -- new home!

MT Plugin Directory in its new home at mt-plugins.org!


Finally, I got most everything transferred over, and I’m happy with how it looks and how the code is working. smile Its such a great project, and its so wonderful to have such a collaberation of plugins in one place for MT users to reference.

I’d love to hear what you think! smile


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excellent, will look it over and book mark it for sure;))) i am real new to MT but the support pages and info people share have been a god send for me!!!

thank you for sharing this as wellsmile

I looks amazing Kristine! Ben and Mena are lucky to have such a wonderful MT user like you. You never cease to to share what you’ve learned with others and that’s wonderful for us lucky people smile

Kristine, you continue to show that you’re just the best! smile The site looks lovely, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who truly appreciates all that you do. I wouldn’t be using any plug-ins at all without your directory and inspiration.

Maw-velous, dah-ling! smile It looks great, as always!

The one thing I’d like to see there is something similar to the "hotlist" script used over on scriptygoddess - I think it’d help a lot of us keep tabs on different plugins that we’d be interested in installing smile

Looks wonderful! I totally am addicted to that site, btw. smile

What a great looking site! You always find the best plugins. Then I just have to go and install them all. ;)


Wow, it’s WUNderful!! Thank you so much!! I have it bookmarked already, and linked on my site!! smile

Beautiful Kristine! Very nicely done. Thank you for all the work you put in to it. MT is lucky to have you on it’s side wink

Looks wonderful! I really appreciate all you do for us MT users!

wow! i really like that design! smile

What a fantastic concept. I can’t wait to find new plug-ins to play with smile

Oh my gosh!!! You rock. Totally. Congratulations on this accomplishment!!!


this is wonderful! thank you so so much!


One teensy quibble about the design: the RSS feed popups in the blogroll popup right, rather than left. That means that they render half-offscreen (for me, at least).

That’s why, on my blog, I had them popup left, rather than right.

Wow! Nice job girl!

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