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best simpsons eps

EW.com | The best ''Simpsons'' episodes

As ''The Simpsons''' 300th episode approaches, we look back at Homer and Co.’s most hilarious, inspired moments

Fun list smile While I don’t agree with all of their choices (#1 is an episode I barely remember), there were also a lot that I’ve giggled insanely at!

They included the Mr. Plow episode, where Homer runs a snowplow because of the jingle, but I must point out a more sticking-in-your-head-jingle episode: The Last Temptation of Krust [season 9] has the Canyanaro commercials featuring Krusty in it, and every time its on, I get it stuck in my head! (if you want to see the words, I found them here: scroll down or do ctrl+F and type in canyonero!)

That was a fun diversion for my middle-of-the-night surfing; back to bed for me! smile


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Bill’s favorite came in at number 9 - the Halloween episode where they do The Shining...."No tee-vee and no beer make Homer something something...."

I only glanced at the list quickly but I didn’t see my favorite - the one with Sideshow Bob and his brother, Cecil - I laugh my a** off every time I see that one smile

We both like the Stoncutters episode wink

The Cecil episode ("Brother from Another Series") was not on the list; of all the Sideshow Bob eps, I think only "Cape Feare" made it—and it was definitely wonderful.

E.W.’s #1, "Last Exit to Springfiled", aka the Labor Union episode, was indeed a true classic. "It doesn’t TAKE A WHIZ to see that you have to look out for NUMBER ONE ..."

Their #11 pick, "Duffless", was almost as good. In addition to the main plot about Homer quitting drinking for 30 days, it also had a subplot in which Bart ruined Lisa’s science experiement, so she decided to experiement on *him*. "I need the smartest hamster you’ve got." "All right—this little fellow writes mystery novels under the name J.B. MacGregor!" "That’s ridiculous, how can a hamster write mystery novels?" "He starts with the ending and works backwards ... " Also: "When I was seventeen, I had a very good beer, I had a very good beer I purchase with a fake I.D., my name was Brian McGee, I stayed up listening to Queen, when I was seventeen ..."

But they completely left out my all-time favorite, "The Boy Who Knew Too Much", the parody of the Kennedy nephew trial.

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