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today stuff

So the headache is still pretty bad, so I’ve tried SO hard to take it easy today. I even took a nap this evening while E cooked for me. He’s promised to wait on me hand and foot this weekend smile

I got a few little things done today, but not much at all.

I’m so loving Roswell’s reruns, as I haven’t seen all of these episodes the first time, and they are SO good. We are at the end of season 1 in syndication now.

Tonight is Farscape and Stargate. Where’s Arin (or is it spelled Erin? I don’t think so)? And what did John mean when he said replied to D'argo saying "Its not Arin." with "It never was?" Oh my!

And while sitting here, I added more of my blog reads to NewzCrawler. I really like this program. I love that it lets me put newsgroups into it, too, so I can read all of my news right inside. I don’t like that it has IE inside of it, because then I can’t stop popups like Moz, and I haven’t figured out how to make the RSS autodiscovery work on the pages I visit like I think it should. And from what I see on the webpage, updates to the program or answers to feature requests are few and far between. MT has spoiled me with their frequent updates and wonderful forum, I do believe! smile

Back to Stargate watching time!


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Have you tried massage therapy as a relief? My wife is a massage therapist who also has migraines, and she’s found that massage actually relieves some of the pain. She recently put together a pamphlet about migraines and massage, drop me a note if you want a copy.

I love your site, the design is always very clean, and there’s always something interesting! Take care,


It’s Aeryn... Aeryn Sun. smile

I’m guessing that Crichton meant that "it never was Aeryn" that made it back to Moya... that she was captured on the Leviathan/trading port, and taken by the Scarrans.

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