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graphic goo and fonts

Because I know that people love when I remind them of this.... smile
The newest issue of Graphic Goo is up—Graphic Goo: February 2003

I’m such a font-whore but I made myself read the rest first, and it was so good. There is always such great info in the newsletter smile And then Jenn’s font section found me a pile of new fonts (and new font sites!!) Wanna hear what I got? (do you hear miss m'lissa moaning now?! wink )

at Solar Sister, I already had the ones Jenn mentioned, but Kirby and Lipstick Traces and Ginko caught my eye.

and then there was Stimuleye Fonts. Oh how could I have not seen this site before? I *must* add it to the sidebar of my fonts:organized site. The design is just wonderful, and there are some wonderful fonts over there! And I love that her fonts all have stories with their names... Blushfest, Stash of Dashes, Vanilla Boys, Chunk-a-Chip, OsteoCorroded, Vibrolator, Tidy Curve TV, and my favorite, Trubble! (maybe because I am trouble?? wink )

And then, I don’t think I’d seen any of Manfred Klein’s fonts from this year. I like his clean style of Text fonts, and a lot of the others are great, too!

Okay, so my desktop is looking pretty full. How 'bout yours? tongue out


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YAY!!! It’s always a happy day when a fellow font lover finds a new font...LOL **HUGS** smile

Must resist fonts, must resist fonts. COmputer os going to imploded if it sees more fonts *g*

Thanks for the tip. Will have to look at them later smile

You are an evil, naughty girl for tempting me with these loverly font links! Like Sara, my computer is going to explode! smile I’ve downloaded close to 100 fonts in the past couple days because of you! *grin*

Okay, you twit, I just saved over 800MB of fonts off my old computer! 800MB!! Now I’m off to download more.

Of course, I love you for telling me... lol

Oooh, Trubble is beautiful! I love it! laughing

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