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Wired News: Computer Users, Please Stand Up

For all those moms who have ever shouted, "Go outside and play!" at teens who sit for hours in dim rooms in front of the computer or TV, here’s some more ammunition:

Blood clots are afflicting chronic computer users who sit immobile for too long.

Researchers say the malady is essentially the same as "economy class syndrome," and the story has the same moral: Exercise your limbs or risk suffering the effects of deep vein thrombosis.

New Zealand researchers are referring to this as eThrombosis. So this is probably the next big thing that computer users have to worry about—carpel tunnel and now eThrombosis.

I think this must be a good excuse to have a playstation 2 in my office like I do. Then peridocially, when my back is too sore to sit up, I move to the couch with the pillows and sit in a new position for a while and play tounge out


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