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Dara posted an interesting link to the Peters Projection map of the world [larger], which looks at the actual size of the countries. Things look so stretched out to me, as I’ve never seen anything but a traditional mapping. Sure shows how our Northern Hemisphere perspective isn’t so accurate.

I’ve always loved maps. And being a homeschooling family, the best way for us to learn was to have maps on the walls of our house so that we could frequently see what we were talking about. I think that this one was up for quite a few years.

I would really like a nice big map to hang in our office/tv room. I really like the satellite data world map. I wonder if I could find a frame to put a 43 1/2 x 30" map on the wall. That’s really pretty.


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The only map I can remember ever having in my house was a National Geographic map that showed the world, and the seals/sea lions/walruses native to that area.

If I ever had a choice of a map to put up now, it would most definitely be the satellite image of the world at night, with all of the city lights showing. It’s really impressive. However, if it were in the house, it would need to fight for wallspace with all the needlepoint, oil paintings, and original comic book art on the walls right now.

I love the Peterson map. I discovered it a few years back with West Wing - I was nearly obsessive about it for awhile.

I remember when I went for your wedding, you guys still had a map on the wall. I pointed out Oakbrook, which is about 10 minutes from me, to Lisa.

Hey, cool. I’m glad you thought it was interesting too. Hope your headache feels better!

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