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Color names

I had a lot of fun reading an article in the paper this morning, and thought I’d share some of it with you smile

Shades of Meaning from The Columbian.

The walls aren’t red, they’re bathed in "paprika." And the car is dressed in "desert mist", not nondescript tan, thank you. Today’s style-conscious wouldn’t dare call a hue by its plain name.

When it comes to the latest designer colors, a name must stimulate more than just the visual sense, color experts say. They should pique our sense of smell and pasibly taste as well.

Color romantics say beautiful hues deserve nothing less than grand descriptions...

I have a feeling that being a sensor (ISTJ), these descriptions really appeal to me. And the term "color romantic" makes me smile a whole lot because that is a neato description for people like me smile

Here’s a list they also had in the paper—of up and coming color names. I had fun making up what I thought these colors would be in color codes smile

Creative Color
Perhaps the kitchen walls are begging to be painted "root beer" and the couch could use a few "cheeky" throw pills this year. According to the Color Marketing Group, the international association for color and design professionals, those are two fo the numerous trendy color names we’ll be introduced to this year.

  • Cheeky: This color recalls the blushing bride of the Art Deco era.

  • Iron ore-ange: the influence of copper on orange

  • Currant: Brown and violet blend with sophistication.

  • Pinkle: This aged pink depicts vintage velvets and Victorian rose gardens.

  • Lemon Meringue: Silver flirts with gold in this zesty yellow.

  • Shimma: Pearlized metallic

  • Lion king: Regal gold

  • Squash: The evolution of orange into a muted shade.

  • Tapenade: An eco-tone bridging forest and wetlands.

  • Whisper: Atmospheric and ethereal, this color is a pale purple.

  • Soda green: A soothing green illuminated from within.

  • Deep Artic: Seriously conservative, this color is a dusty navy.

  • Ocean cruise: Tropical blue/green.

  • Root beer: Copper-based, this rich brown pops.

  • Champagne bubble: Celebrates the marriage of silver to gold with Art Deco glamour.

  • Newtral: Bisque ware and unglazed ceramics inspire this softened matte gray.

  • Gargoyle: Burnished gold, pewter, and silver fuse to form this complex alloy.

  • Silger: A gold overlay over silver with a technological influence.


Those are actually very pretty colors. I especially like tapenade!

Thanks for sharing that article. I enjoyed the color descriptions as well. smile I like your interpretations of the colors, especially whisper and arctic blue. I prefer cool hues over warm ones most of the time.

Thank you so much for this inspiration! I work for a distributor that sells sewing supplies and I have about 500 colors to name. Thanks to you and your site, I did it!

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Thank you so much for this inspiration! I work for a distributor that sells sewing supplies and I have about 500 colors to name. Thanks to you and your site, I did it!