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Wow, my internet is slow. Looks like its an NOC problem, so blogomania clients are affected. "The NOC is currently reporting a denial of service (DOS) attack at several of its border routers. They are working to block out the offending attackers at this time"

Here’s to a quick resolution!! smile But dude, those hackers are getting annoying—how many denial of service attacks are we gonna have??!!

8:56PM: my internet is still freakin' slow, but the NOC is reporting that all is well there now. So it must be my ISP being suck too. Maybe I had double dose of the issues!!


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My sites were down earlier this morning, around 1 am Central for about 3 hours. I normally am asleep, but for some reason work up early. I’m like you, wondering *what* the heck is going on.

I told Statia it wasn’t her! ;)

Really? My surfing has just been zooming along all night! I had no idea. Thanks for the scoop!

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