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TS is best on HGTV

'Trading Spaces' Spurs Cottage Industry

A poll conducted last year for HGTV revealed that television viewers considered "Trading Spaces" one of their favorite shows on the cable channel.

One problem: It’s on TLC, not HGTV.

"Trading Spaces," the remodeling show where neighbors impose their decorating tastes on neighbors, was the most popular show on basic cable last week, eclipsing professional wrestling and "SpongeBob SquarePants."

It has spawned imitators and transformed home improvement television.

Nowhere is that more evident than at HGTV, a network built on home design that somehow missed out on the biggest home design sensation on television.

Ha ha, that’s pretty funny! I guess their poll backfired a bit, didn’t it? smile I really do like the concept of TS, and enjoy checking out the new shows being inspired by it.


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Unrelated, but how was the water at your family’s house? Everyone aok?

Drive by Blog Hugging--you’ve been randomly loved. Pass it on. : )

That’s hysterical. Thanks for the laugh. smile

I can’t stand Trading Spaces, but I do like While You Were Out. lol. I think though, the reason why I don’t like Trading Spaces, is because of the hosts. They just bug me for some reason.

I thought about you today when TS was on. I thought, hey, Kristine should start a "Trading Blogs" based loosely on Trading Spaces. I know you’ve got enough on your plate right now, but is that a great idea or what?

I’m with Kathy...trading blogs sounds like SUCH a good idea smile The concept would have to be modified a bit, but it would be fun smile gimme a holler if you ever decide to do this - I would love to help and/or participate.

I think Trading Spaces is ok..I normally watch it to see how incredibly tacky it’s going to turn out, which is normally does. My fav is While You Were Out, because since they live there they aren’t going to let anything freaky be done to their own house.

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