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This just makes me sick. Who could really make light of this situation enough to put debris on ebay? Good for them for pulling the auctions.

EBay Pulls Alleged Shuttle Debris Listing

EBay deleted several items billed as debris from the space shuttle Columbia from the online auction site Saturday, warning that anyone attempting to sell fragments from the doomed shuttle could be prosecuted.

sad Its just all so sad. sad


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*sigh* What’s wrong with people?

Just goes to prove.....anything for a buck.. ANYTHING.

The whole shuttle thing was horrible. i also mentioned it on my blog... i came across your blog from blogrollin'... thought i would say HI! Jelene in KCMO

What sickos..
Boy what some people will do to make money..
Just found you ;) Great site!!

that is utterly tasteless.

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