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more flood news

Clark County, WA - Flood emergency - News Releases

Washougal River is high with 12-14 foot swells

Well, that doesn’t sound good. The water is still rising, and the Washougal River is right in front of my parents house! Matthew said that rain was going down the hill into the school (3 houses down from their house) and they moved all the books and stuff up to higher spots in the school because water was already getting in.

Let’s see if we can actually make it through the rain for lunch over there tomorrow!! Maybe we’ll have to park down the road and make Leonard come get us with his huge truck smile


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Kristine, we are praying for your family and your family’s community. Please keep us updated; we hope they are safe.

I hope that your family is safe!

Oh my gosh, flooding?? Wow, I didn’t know it rained anywhere anymore. It seems like it’s always either feast or famine, doesn’t it. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

The news is now saying that the weather is improving, so hopefully we’ve gotten to the highest point now. Thanks for all your thoughts smile

Such good news to hear—crossing fingers the worst is over!

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