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american girls

I’ve read most of my books, so this morning when I climbed back into bed, I snuggled up with my pillows and flipped through the American Girl catalog.

I *love* looking through that stuff. reading all of the little descriptions of the products and thinking about the cool stories (most of which I did read when I was the right age). Yes, I have Samatha, and I’d dress her up more often in fancy clothes if I didn’t think E would think I’d gone loony!

This makes me know I’d be a good mommy to some little girls, fostering their reading and imagination skills, because that was so important to me. Or at the very least a cool aunt that can afford to spoil them because I don’t have kids. LOL! smile


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I’ve never understood the fascination that people have with dolls, but I can understand the obsession with buying clothes for them. My aunt makes clothes for American Girls and sells them at craft shows—people buy that stuff up! So I do like the clothes, but being around all the dolls my aunts house creeps me out a little bit.

Oh my gosh! Those are wonderful - I’ve never seen them before! Thanks for sharingsmile

i remember those! i used to get the catalogs from a friend of mine who had one of the dolls and i always wanted samantha or molly so badly. they also sold the cool clothing for girls as well......i wanted the high, lace-up boots. smile

Hee! Did I tell you I got Kaya for Christmas? She and Kit are on my top shelf in my living room, along with the Stuffed!Joey and Lance. (OKay, Joey is often on my couch, because he’s snugglesome. but still. )

I swear I’m 21. Really. ;)

Oh man, you picked a topic dear to my heart! I never had any of the dolls when I was a child, though I did visit some friends who let me play with theirs and dress up in the Felicity costume. A and her little sister MK got full kits from their grandmother - A has all of Felicity’s stuff, and MK has all of...I think Samantha’s. A wants Josefina, or at least her holiday outfit, and we have a bunch of other non-Pleasant Company outfits and accessories for 18" dolls. (I also got one of those fancy handmade $50 outfits!) Do you know about Coconut? That’s A’s current passion. MK gave her Coconut and the gardening accessories for Xmas (the butterfly looks much better on her nose than her hat!), and - don’t tell! - I got the Valentine accessories for her too. ;)

Okay, I kind of went on for a while there. Sorry!

I have Kirsten, and I always liked her because she moved to MN from Sweden. (which is just like my family) I can’t wait until I have a little girl that can enjoy her just as much as I did growing up.

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