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Graham on ATWT

ATWT Online News | ATWT Brings In Another New Chris Hughes

Bailey Chase has been cast as As The World Turns' Chris Hughes.

Chase may be best known for his work as Graham on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Okay, even though I heard he was coming, it was still odd to see him yesterday!

Not too long ago, I really enjoyed watching the Chris and Abigail storyline, and so its kinda odd to me that they’ve aged him and had two actors since the Chris/Abigail storyline!

(Thanks to everybody who shared the link to Soap Central with me! Its a great site!)


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THAT’S where I’ve seen him before. I sat there watching him yesterday thinking "Where have I seen this guy before?" and now I know—Buffy.

Thank you for saving me from going completely out of my mind. Well, almost completely. :0!

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