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Courteney WE series

Courteney Cox Producing Series for WE

Courteney Cox may have found something to do once "Friends" goes off the air.

The actress is moving behind the camera as creator and executive producer of "Mix It Up," an unscripted, "Trading Spaces"-like show scheduled for fall on cable channel WE: Women’s Entertainment.

The network has given a 13-episode order to "Mix It Up," which will begin production in the spring or summer. The show will follow people with contrasting tastes who are moving in together. Interior designers will help the roommates—whether they’re husband and wife, parent and child, friends or strangers matched by a service—blend their two styles into something both can live with.

That sounds like a lot of fun!! smile And I did check, we do have WE (its channel 502) and its playing Felicity right now! How cool, a new fun channel to make sure I add to my surfing!


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Fun! My cable company just shuffled things around to give us WE this past week.

Uhm, isn’t ""If you’re moving in with your girlfriend, and you have a wagon-wheel coffee table" this part exactly what happened in "When Harry Met Sally"? As in, "I promise you, I will never want that wagon wheel table"

Apparently she’s bought alot of houses, fixed them up and resold them. She’s really into architecture... way to go Courtney. I think she’s sooooooooo underestimated smile

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