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heart panties

Oh check it out! Victoria’s Secret has hearts on their panties for valentines day! I think that hearts are appropriate all year round, and so I’m excited to see these being offered and I’m gonna have to buy some smile

The deal is for 2 bras and 5 panties, which is a nice chance to get some more sets. Since I’m all for comfy these days, and I *know* these are pefect for that, I’ll probably buy that deal smile In the bras, I’m wanting Rich Red and either Colette pink or Lime Sorbet because I don’t have any of those yet. And then some panties in Rich Red, Black Hearts, White Hearts, either Candy Hearts Pink or Lime (depending on which bra) and probably candy stripe.

Hee hee. I’m so silly, I really am smile


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It’s times like this that make me wish Victoria’s Secret carried my size!

Aww, those are so purty. Talk E into gettin' 'em for ya. ;)

The candy hearts are SOOOOO adorable... I’m with Brandy... bigger sizes please smile

You just cost me $25. ;)

Is that the cotton collection? I didn’t see those before and I just placed an order with them last night! Darn! ohh

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