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for the first time in months, I feel like designing again. Colors are popping into my head, and shapes come out of my pen with ease. New combinations of colors and textures are giving me thrills.

Maybe its just a middle of the night thing. Or maybe I’m getting my heart back closer to where I want it to be, the place before the holidays and stress reappeared. Or maybe I’ve found my muse(s).

Whatever it is, I hope that I still have it when I wake back up smile


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That’s wonderful news. I hope that your muse is waiting by your computer in the morning! *hugs*

I just hope my hair is still there in the morning.....

I go through phases like that too! I hope your muse sticks around for awhile. I really enjoy your beautiful designs smile


Yay! I’m glad for you. Creativity can be a elusive thing, especially when you’re wanting it.

(Hey, if your Muse has any relatives, could you send 'em my way? I need to work on my site redesign. Thanks! ;) )

Great news. Creativity always seems to pick the most inconvenient times...such as finals or mid-terms (at least, for me it does)! smile Anyway, hope it’s still waiting for you when you wake up.

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