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inner sexy cartoon chick

Would you believe who my inner sexy cartoon chick is?

Tee hee, that’s very cute smile

Thanks, maddy-sarah!!!


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You know, if it weren’t for my fondness for high-heeled shoes, I woulda gone with the white dress and pearls Wilma! Would ya check out her fully dilated pupils! ;)

Hey, while I’m here, can you point me in the direction of how to get the trackback data updated on the individual archives? You’re pulling it from the MySQL database? I gotta check out that plugin too, it’s so cool having the actual link to the pinged entry rather than just the ping URL. smile

I got Wilma too. smile


I was also Wilma. I see a trend developing here. ;)

p.s. I just found the trackback thing at SG! smile

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