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stress pains

How is it that I can handle urgent posts on the MT forums and blogomania with grace and no worries, but when my mom calls with work questions, I get all stressed out? She called first thing this morning, right after I’d gotten up, and ever since, my side pains have been bad.

Here’s my theories, before I get to client emails....
Firstly, I hate having to answer that second. She didn’t give me any time to think, she needed an answer right then.
Secondly, its so frustrating to me that the words aren’t coming out as I want them to. I can visualize the screen in my head, and I know what tab the option is on, but I don’t remember what it is called. Brain Fog, big time. When I’m sitting in front of my computer, I have resources at hand, and I can check things out before answering. I can edit my words and open a thesaurus if the right word escapes me.
Thirdly, I just have so many stress thoughts that go along with the work, and so even a small question tends to get me thinking about other questions that I haven’t answered, and other projects they are waiting on me for.

Ugh. I hate this pain, and I hate the tense feeling that is inside me right now.
That’s why I’m lighting some candles in here and trying to do something funner. Like answer client email. ;)


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Well, there’s also this - you have more at stake with your mom, a longstanding relationship. She loves you, you love her - if you were me I’d be saying that you want to be the one she counts on, but even just having a relationship could be enough. You have a whole different kind of relationship with clients and MT posters - you share a lot (a lot! smile) of knowledge, but there’s less history. Okay, enough psychoanalyzing!

The candles are a very good idea! Speaking only for myself, I greatly prefer being able to think about a problem before I respond rather than having to respond that second. If I have to do things the second way, then I’m stressed for quite some time even after that moment. Like you said, that could be at least part of it for you too.

As hard as it is to deal with family (and I know how hard it is) you must tell your mom what you have just written here. That you are more than happy to help, but in order to do so in the most expedient fashion that will continue to let you stay healthy she must either email you with the question or call you with the question and then give you time to "research" and call her back. You are very strong...you made the break to stay at home when you really needed to...you can do this as well.

Man, I hate Brain Fog. That happens to me a lot. I always feel like such a dolt, but in my head, I know exactly what I meant. smile

Hang in there kiddo. We’re all rootin' for ya.

*hugs* from another foggy person. And they keep telling me it’s my age. ;) It’s the stress. :p

Oh, honey, that happens to me so much... and even more since I started the Topomax. I’m lucky now that my parents have learned to recognize that uncertainty on my face or in my voice and they give me some space until I can get my brain back... just stay calm and keep breathing, sweetie. Gradually you learn a strategy for getting through those moments—maybe by saying "OK, Mom, let me think about it and I’ll get back to you" or maybe your family will learn to adapt... but you just keep breathing, OK.

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