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blogomania upgrades

If anybody is checking in over here to see if I know what’s up with Blogomania’s servers, I know a little bit so I thought I’d share....

We are getting an upgrade to PHP on all of the servers, and they are almost done with the upgrade, but Themis, the server that me and Christine and the blogomania site are on and quite a few others, is still being finished. So if you are getting error messages that seem odd, you might go and open a support ticket and we can make sure that its just the upgrade process causing the error smile

Hope that helps!!!


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bingo! it all makes sense now!

thanks for the info! smile

thanks for the update! smile Brad said he saw slowness today. That must be what it was.

Aha! Thank you. I didn’t even realize there was a new support ticketing system! (I’ve been so happy with the service I haven’t needed any help lately. smile )

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